General Colloquium

Time: Wednesdays at 4:00 pm

Place: 340 West Hall

Organizers: Carl Akerlof and David Lubensky


FALL 2011


Brad Orr, University of Michigan

"State of the Department"

Jennifer Ogilvie,University of Michigan

"Snapshots of Biology with a Femtosecond Camera"

Dragan Huterer, University of Michigan

"Fundamental Physics from Large-Scale Structure"

Jim Liu, University of Michigan

"Recent Advances in Applied String Theory"

Cagliyan Kurdak, University of Michigan

"The 1/f Spectrum: A Not-So-Fundamental Noise Distribution?"

Finn Larsen, University of Michigan

"The Status of String Theory"

Scott Gaudi, Ohio State University

"The Demographics of Exoplanets with Gravitational Microlensing"

T.W. Hansch, Ludwig-Maximilians-University

Ta-You Wu Colloquium, "Laser-Spectrocopy of Hydrogen"
Note location change: Michigan League Ballroom with refreshments in the Michigan League Vandenberg room at 3:30 pm.


Daniel S. Fisher, Stanford University

"Can Evolutionary Dynamics Be Understood Quantitataively?"

Dave Hertzog, University of Washington

Helmut Baer Colloquium, "Precision Muon Phyics: Capturing a Moment in a Lifetime"

Lydia Bieri, University of Michigan

"The Discovery of the Expanding Universe"


11/30/11 Rachel Bean, Cornell University "Observing Brane Inflation"

Greogry D. Scholes, University of Toronto

"Lessons From Nature About Solar Light Harvesting"

Winter 2012


Alexander Grosberg, New York University

"Two Meters of DNA in Micron Size Cell Nucleus: The Role of Topological Constraints in Genome Folding"

Peter Littlewood, Argonne National Laboratory

CANCELLED "Polariton Condensation and Collective Dynamics"
1/25/12 Henriette Elvang, University of Michigan "Exciting New Approaches to Particle Scattering Amplitudes"
2/1/12 Robert Roser, Fermilab "From the Top Quark to the Higgs Boson - A Quest for Discovery at the Tevatron"
2/8/12 Stefan A. Maier, Imperial College London "Plasmonics: Oscillator physics on the nanoscale"
2/15/12 Jane Kondev, Brandeis University "How Cells Make Decisions and What Does Physics Have to Say About It"
2/22/12 David DeMille, Yale University "Tabletop Probes for TeV Physics: Searching for the Electric Dipole Moment of the Electron"
2/29/12 Spring Break  
3/7/12 Michael Flatté, University of Iowa "Solotronics: manipulation, control, and applications of a solitary dopant within a semiconductor"
3/14/12 Lene Hau, Harvard University "Quantum Control of Light and Matter... From the Macroscopic to the Nanoscale"
3/21/12 Chris Hirata, California Institute of Technology "Understanding the Cosmic Recombination Epoch"
3/28/12 Marija Drndic, University of Pennsylvania "Biomolecule Detection and Analysis with Nanopores in Graphene Membranes"
4/4/12 Frank von Hippel, Princeton University Ford Lecture
4/11/12 Junjie Zhu "Latest Results from the ATLAS Experiment"